Bear World Eastbourne
Return Policy

Bear World strives to provide it's customers with the best quality products at the best possible price.

Bear World works very hard to provide high quality goods at all times and manages each production cycle with detailed inspection process procedures. However, due to the nature of the “unstuffed” business, this makes it more difficult to identify defects prior to stuffing in-store. Therefore, after consultation with both our Manufacturers and Store owners we are pleased to provide a flexible Return Policy. The purpose of this return policy is to be able to advise and improve our product production cycles with our manufacturers while not over burdening our Store owners to receive their goods credits.


  1. All order discrepancies must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of goods, so we can quickly rectify the situation. Please email to report any order discrepancies and you will be sent a copy of the returns procedure to ensure you receive your credit in a timely manner
  2. Any item that is defective needs to be reported to us upon occurance of the defect. We will immediately contact you to provide a Bear World refund or a replacement to your account (excluding shipping costs) after we have received a photo of the damaged product’s defective product area. These pictures will then be sent to our Manufacturer so that we can work to rectify the issue for future production. Please keep these Defective products in a dated, labeled box, for 90 days as our Manufacturer may request that we send them the goods. If, after 90 days we have not received a return request from our Manufacturer, you are free to destroy the items, use as display bears, or give to charity.
  3. If at any time you are requested to return product to Bear Worlde, please send to the address below. Please always ship via traceable method (courrier), and send ground. We will also provide you with a Bear World Credit Note for the freight costs incurred to return the product, so you will not be out of pocket for this situation.

Note: If you are unable or not wanting to take Digital Pictures for immediate credit, you may also return the items to the Bear World for credit, however, in this instance the store will be responsible for the return freight. We much prefer the digital picture process to immediately inform our manufacturers and for you to receive instant credit without you incurring additional freight costs back to our warehouses and us back to our manufacturers.

Upon our Request, send all Returns to:

Bear World Eastbourne

49 Station Rd, Polegate, East Sussex, BN266EA